Current Lab Members

Greg Dwyer
Principal Investigator

Greg is a professor in the Ecology & Evolution department at the University of Chicago. His research is focused on the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, and especially on how mathematical models can help us understand disease dynamics.

Spencer Carran
Post-Doctoral Researcher


Spencer uses theoretical and computational approaches to understand disease dynamics and guide management policy, previously in the context of human infectious disease and more recently for microbial control of Douglas Fir tussock moth.

Jiawei Liu
Ph.D. Candidate

Katie Dixon
Ph.D. candidate

Katie combines transmission experiments in the field with mathematical modeling to test how host tree species effects transmission for different virus species in Douglas Fir tussock moth caterpillars. Katie’s website

Will Koval
Ph.D. student

Will is a second year graduate student broadly interested in how the dynamics of host dispersal and spatial population structure influence the dissemination and competition of pathogen communities.

Sophia Horigan
Ph.D. student

Sophia is interested in spruce budworm


Recent Lab Alumni

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Joe Mihaljevic
Working with the US Forest Service, Joe is using experiments and modeling to improve microbial control of the Douglas-fir tussock moth

Arietta Fleming-Davies

David Paez

Doctoral Students

Molly Gallagher
Ph.D. Candidate

molly2 Molly  joined the lab in 2011 after finishing her bachelor’s degree at The Ohio State University. She studies complex population dynamics and host-parasitoid interactions.

Sylvia Ranjeva
M.D./Ph.D. Student

Colin Kyle

Elizabeth Eakin

David Kennedy