Dwyer Lab

Our Research:

Research in the Dwyer Lab is focused on the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, and especially on how mathematical models can help us understand disease dynamics. The main diseases that we work on are baculoviruses, fatal, directly transmitted pathogens of forest insects. Through our work on baculoviruses, we have developed extensive expertise in statistical methods of fitting epidemic models to data. This has led to more recent work on using models to understand how future climate change will influence disease dynamics.

Statement of Support:

Diversity of thought is considered the gold standard for generating new ideas. Our values as a lab in promoting such diversity of ideas are inextricably linked to our core belief in the promotion of racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity within our research group and among our colleagues. As members of a leading department in the field of ecology and evolution, we take it upon ourselves to set an example for inclusion and outreach, particularly to under-represented minority groups and Black and Indigenous People of Color. Voices have been silenced actively and passively by the culture of academia, biasing views based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and socio-economic status. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand in solidarity with immigrants and international members of our community who have been subjected to alienation and restriction. We are actively working to become anti-racist, to listen and understand the source of feeling “other”, and to foster a community that is respectful of each voice. Please feel free to connect with us.

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